Posted by: HART | 12/28/2010

Bus Timetables to Pingxi and Huang Di Dien

This is the annoying thing that has kept me frantically searching around the web more than once: the timetables for the bus to Pingxi and Pinglin

The bus going up to pingxi, the 1076

The bus going up to pinglin where starts the hike known as Huang Di Dian, the 666



  1. Very cool! I was actually thinking to contact you about this but then thought, no, don’t bother Ed when I can search Google. And voila! Up comes this page. The only thing is for those of us who can’t read Chinese, would be nice to know which direction is which, and what area is for weekdays and which one for holidays.

    • Cool to see it’s already referenced by google! What did you search for?
      As for the directions, i’ll ask Flora!

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