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Taipei Escapes 1

Richard Saunders, hiking columnist at the China Post and publisher of several books on the subject, has been kind enough to send us the GPS coordinates for some of the waypoints in the hikes described in his new book “Taipei Escape 1”.

Following these should already give you a good idea of the way to follow, but I cannot recommend enough to just buy the book when it gets published (his previous book was the point of origin for our hiking group).

Richard’s blog is known as “Off the beaten track“.

GPS Tables

Below are tables listing the GPS coordinates (taken from Google Earth) of some of the main attractions detailed in the ten day trips in this book, and of the trailheads of the twenty hikes in this book. Trailhead positions are generally the farthest point reachable by car and are not necessarily at the start of the walk description; their position in the walk directions is indicated.

Day Trip number

Location of coordinates


Day Trip 1 QianshuiBay 25°14’60”N  121°28’01”E
Li Tien-lu Hand Puppet Historical Museum 25°15’21”N  121°30’42”E
Baishawan (VisitorCentercar park) 25°16’58”N  121°31’06”E
FuguiCape(lighthouse) 25°17’54”N  121°32’12”E
ShimenCave(natural arch) 25°17’44”N  121°34’07”E
Day Trip 2 Yehliu (car park) 25°12’17”N  121°41’26”E
Jinshan ‘Old Street’ (entrance fromMinsheng Road) 25°13’13”N  121°38’26”E
Fengyucun car park (near entrance to Guangwu Tunnel) 23°13’20”N  121°38’48”E
ShitoushanPark(entrance) 25°13’31”N  121°38’44”E
JumingMuseum(car park) 25°14’46”N  121°36’40”E
Jinbaoshan (TeresaTengMemorialGarden) 25°14’55”N  121°36’07”E
Wanli (Paragliding site) 25°10’55”N  121°41’05”E
Day Trip 3 HepingIslandPark(car park) 25°09’37”N  121°45’47”E
FrenchCemetery 25°08’27”N  121°45’27”E
Ershawan Fort (lower entrance) 25°08’26”N  121°45’22”E
Shihciouling Fort 25°07’17”N  121°44’01” E
Shihciouling Tunnel (north entrance) 25°07’32”N  121°43’55”E
FairyCave 25°08’43”N  121°44’54”E
Baimiwong Fort 25°09’19”N  121°44’35”E
Lovers’Lake(car park below lake) 25°09’24”N  121°42’21”E
Dawulun Fort (entrance from road) 25°09’31”N  121°42’32”E
BadouziCoastalPark(highest point) 25°08’43”N  121°47’55”E
Tai-An Waterfall (Trailhead below waterfall) 25°04’17”N  121°42’60”E
Nuandong Gorge (car park) 25°04’36”N  121°45’17”E
Day Trip 4 KeelungIsland(BishaHarborboat boarding point) 25°08’46”N  121°47’08”E
Ganziliao Fortification trailhead (behindTaiwanOceanUniversityfountain) 25°08’56”N  121°46’29”E
Day Trip 5 Jiufen (VisitorCenter, Number Eight Mine) 25°06’36”N  121°50’35”E
MountJilongtrailhead 25°06’42”N  121°50’51”E
Day Trip 6 GoldEcologicalPark(main entrance) 25°06’30”N  121°51’22”E
Golden Waterfall 25°07’03”N  121°51’41”E
Day Trip 7 FanziaoHarbor(for Elephant’s Trunk Rock) 25°07’59”N  121°49’13”E
Nanya Rock Formations (car park) 25°07’10”N  121°53’35”E
Longdong trailhead (car park) 25°06’19”N  121°55’20”E
Bitoujiao village (car park) 25°07’18”N  121°55’00”E
Day Trip 8 WushihHarbor(boats toTurtleIsland) 24°52’14”N  121°50’02”E
Day Trip 9 TaiwanCoalMineMuseum(Shifen) 25°03’07”N   121°46’24”E
Shifen Waterfall 25°02’56”N  121°47’15”E
PingxiOld Street 25°01’28”N  121°44’19”E
JingtongOld Street 25°01’24”N  121°43’23”E
Day Trip 10 PinglinTeaMuseum 24°56’05”N  121°42’46”E
Walk number Position in text

Location of coordinates


Walk 1 Point 5 TianxiuTemple(alternative start, point 5 of walk) 25°03’10”N   121°39’47”E
Walk 2 Point 2 DreamLake(dirt path trailhead) 25°07’32”N   121°38’20”E
Walk 3 Point 1 Mount Nanzihling (board walk trailhead) 25°07’13”N  121°53’12”E
Walk 4 Point 1 Trailhead (GoldEcologicalPark, main entrance) 25°06’30”N  121°51’22”E
Walk 5 Point 3 Golden Characters Tablet (trailhead) 25°05’27”N   121°50’11”E
Walk 6 Point 2 XiaozukengOldTrailElementary School(trailhead) 25°05’50”N   121°50’02”E
Walk 7 Point 3 Sandiaoling Waterfall Walk village (trailhead) 25°03’32”N  121°49’15”E
Walk 8 Point 3 Mt Wufen Coal Mining Museum (trailhead) 25°03’10”N   121°46’23”E
Walk 9 Point 2 Stone Bamboo Shoot (railway trailhead) 25°01’31”N   121°43’47”E
Point 2 ShulungPeak(Jingtong trailhead) 25°01’24”N  121°43’18”E
Walk 10 Point 3 Fengtou Point (trailhead) 25°01’07”N   121°43’04”E
Walks 11, 12, 13 After point 1 Trailhead oppositePingxiLowerHigh School 25°01’23”N   121°43’59”E
Walk 13 Point 2 FilialSonMountain(short walk trailhead) 25°01’27”N   121°44’21”E
Walk 14 Point 2b HuangdidianWestPeak(Nanku trailhead) 24°59’32”N  121°39’49”E
Point 3a Huangdidian short walk trailhead (car park) 24°59’10”N   121°40’43”E
Walk 15 After Point 1 Mt Bijia Trailhead, Shiding 24°59’30”N   121°39’13”E
Walk 16

Four Dragons Waterfall short (easy) route trailhead 24°59’18”N   121°36’22”E

Four Dragons Waterfall longer route trailhead 24°59’46”N  121°36’49”E
Walk 17 Point 2 TiangongTemple(trailhead) 24°58’10”N  121°55’31”E

FulongBeach(car park) 25°00’59”N  121°56’35”E

LingJiouMountain(car park) 25°00’54”N  121°58’25”E
Walk 18 After point 1 Car park trailhead 24°56’32”N  121°53’47”E
Walk 19 After point 2 Church (car parking forSacredMotherMountain) 24°49’59”N  121°44’42”E
Walk 19/20 (Point 1) Wufengchi Waterfall bus stop 24°49’55”N  121°44’50”E
Walk 20

Linmei Shipan Trail bus stop 24°49’13”N  121°44’03”E


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