Posted by: HART | 06/14/2011

Windsurfing around Taipei

In Taipei:
At the Wei Feng Canal 台北縣成蘆橋下的微風運河 (Wei-Feng Canal under the Cheng Lu Bridge): It’s a government funded operation, you get the equipment and a coach for free, and pay 45NT$ for insurance. The coach will be here to help with getting out of the water.
You can also go canoeing around the canal. The banks are all grass, but there are not much shades nearby. Here is a map to the place:

The bus to go there is the No. 14 that leaves from the North-East corner of the Taipei train station (stop is called 台北車站鄭州 (Taipei Che Zhan Zhen Zhou) (Link: and It will get you to another stop called 長榮路口 (chang/zhang rong lu kou) in about 60 minutes time (Link:
At this point you need to walk straight on Zhang Rong Road toward Sanmin Road. Turn left on Sanmin road, and keep straight until you reach the river.
It takes about 15 minutes by walk from the bus stop to the river.

A google place page on the whole thing:

UPDATE: From summer 2011 it is only possible to rent boards through the university coach, Mr You (0933029366). If you ask at the GOV facility, you will be told to get a license first. Passing the license takes two days.


Between Hsinchu and Taichung:, NT$800 windsurfing rental


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