Posted by: HART | 04/06/2012

Hike: Yiang-Pan-Keng 營盤坑 Historic Trail Mountain Bike Ride (Taoyuan)

While a bit difficult to navigate at first, this is a great system of trails that are a lot of fun to ride. It is suitable for beginners and experienced riders. I highly recommend it.
You may however want to start the ride from Taoyuan train station rather than Toucheng MRT to avoid the 20+km road ride we did. Also please beware than the GPS route is not complete, as CU ran out of battery before the end and wasnt able to map the very last section. The most interesting parts are already recorded, though.

Event page

Event photos


GPX: We don’t link to GPX files directly anymore since links get broken whenever Wandermap updates their system. Instead you need to look on the Wandermap page, below the description of the hike, in the right corner for a “Export GPS Data” button. It will then download automatically.


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