Posted by: HART | 05/15/2012

Hike: Tianmu Old Trail and Tea House (Monkey trail)

Map record and description by Matteo.

Trail starts in at the end of Zhongshan Road Section 7. First half an hour on pretty steep stone stairs, then level dirt trail and some more stairs at the end. Monkeys are frequently met on the dirt trail. At the end of the trail turn right on the paved road and walk for 5 more minutes to reach Aifu 2nd street, then turn left and keep walking straight till the intersection with Yande Blvd. Buses from the opposite side of the road go to Yangmingshan park or back to Taipei city.

Get bus n.106 and get off at the Yangmingshan Second Parking Lot (第二停車場), enter the garden area in front of you and go all the way down the stairs. Once on the road, take the first lane on the right. The tea house (also offeing hot springs) is a few meters on the left (end point of the GPS route). To get back to Taipei, just turn right from the tea house entrance and keep walking on the road till it ends on a bigger one. The bus stop is no your left. Bus Small8 (小8) is the fastest one to reach the MRT.

The trail can be done in 1.5 hours. More if you include the tea house and\or its hot springs.
A great way to complement this hike is to have either lunch at Rialto (an Italian pizzeria on Zhongshan Rd. Sec. 7, very close to the trailhead) or dinner at The Sleeples (Taiwanese restaurant with an amazing view, close to the end of the trail).

Overall difficulty: very easy, though the stairs at the beginning can be taxing for less fit hikers.


GPX: We don’t link to GPX files directly anymore since links get broken whenever Wandermap updates their system. Instead you need to look on the Wandermap page, below the description of the hike, in the right corner for a “Export GPS Data” button. It will then download automatically.


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