Posted by: HART | 10/23/2012

MTB Ride: Wulai-Neidong forest trail

Map and trail description by CU and Ondrej:

Because the official entrance to the 內洞林路 road has a police station (and is closed off) we had to turn and climb through a river bed for about 150m – probably the hardest part. There were also 2 big landslides which we needed to pass by climbing through the forest, and the last landslide was just before we got to the upper Neidong waterfall – that one is impossible to go around.

Then it’s the stairs/trail down to the public waterfall area; that part is semi-ridable and sort of fun, if there aren’t too many people coming up. Most of the trail is a nice gravel road with some stones mixed in.

Trail page on Bikemap

GPX: We don’t link to GPX files directly anymore since links get broken whenever Wandermap updates their system. Instead you need to look on the Wandermap page, below the description of the hike, in the right corner for a “Export GPS Data” button. It will then download automatically.


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