Posted by: HART | 03/27/2013

Hike: Teapot Mountain via Stegosaurus ridge

63973_10151326331076441_285468031_nMap, photo, and description by CU.

Warning: Part of this trail is on controlled land, belonging to state companies. You will want to stay out of sight, especially in the gully, and watch out of the infrared detectors near the white wall. There is a guards’ cabin near the guate.

0800 start, 0830 river dam (*accidently climbed this dam; the correct way is to detour on the right), 0900 finish river tracing, 1000 getting on the ridge (*4km long), 1330 right turn to Mt.Teapot (*if you go straight, you will reach Mt.燦光寮) , 1500 teapot trail parking lot.


GPX: We don’t link to GPX files directly anymore since links get broken whenever Wandermap updates their system. Instead you need to look on the Wandermap page, below the description of the hike, in the right corner for a “Export GPS Data” button. It will then download automatically.


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