Posted by: HART | 10/27/2013

MTB Ride: Ba Fu trail (巴福越嶺)


Photo, GPX, and info by CU

Ba Fu trail(17km) links the nothern pass and Wu Lai.
Most hikers visit this trail by hired van transportation. I’ve done it with my friend by public transportation.
Here some info you may find useful:
(1) There is only one bus run each day (Tao-Yuan bus No. 5090); departure time is 6:50 AM at Tao-Yuan bus terminal (245NT one way).
(2) It’s a mini bus. We packed our bikes;  it’s very crowded.
(3) Bus arrived the terminal stop at 9:30. You have to apply for climbing permit in the police station which is 2.3km before the bus stop.
(4) There are many small landslides in this trail and riding won’t save much time compared to hiking.
(5) We arrived asphalt road in Wu Lai around 1730 pm.

GPX file and map


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