Posted by: HART | 02/05/2014

Our favorite camping spots

This post will gather our favorite camping spots around Taiwan, and be updated as time goes.


From Matthew:

Nice little camping spot near Fulong, 24°58’50.08″N 121°55’28.65″E




From Charles:

5 minutes outside of Dulan, in the direction of Taidong, near an abandoned house on the seafront (can be seen from the road)






Sanxia camping ground

From Stephane:
Around Sanxia ( 新北市竹崙里竹崙路95巷1號 2667-2591#1), nearby a pretty river







  1. Comment by Stephane:
    camping place in hualien near by the sea, very clean, cheap and awsome facilities: . I like the one in yilan too: I never understand why it is always empty. The good things is you can do what you want. I tried both and it is nice but it isn t nature wild camping, they have toilets an showers and it is about 300NTD per tent.”

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