Posted by: HART | 02/25/2014

Hike: Ascent to ShiTi via Historical Canal trail

Description, photo, and GPX by Matteo


We put together a pretty good 4 hours hike yesterday in Yangmingshan Park. It includes a trip along one of the historical canals that dot the woods in the park, a stroll down the river (possibly good for some beginner level river tracing in Summer) and a steep ascent to the Shi Ti trail, which will bring you through the forest to the windswept grassy peaks, all the way to QingTianGang. From there, you can either go back to the city with bus 小15 or take the Yulu Gudao (Fishermen Trail) down to Highway 2B, where bus 1717 can take you to Taipei. The trailhead(s) can be reached by bus 小18 小19 from JianTan MRT station.

Hiking time about 4 hours. Moderately strenuous.



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