This website is a repository of GPS logs of hikes and rides around Taipei, Taiwan. The point is to make it easy for newcomers to guide themselves around the fantastic views that Taipei’s area has to offer.

Most material is sourced by the Hiking and Riding in Taipei group on Facebook, with some help from Richard Saunders, the hiking author. It is opened to any and everyone. Feel free to create an account to post a hike’s information.

Content published on this website is distributed on a Non-Commercial Share-Alike basis through a Creative Commons license. We’re happy to make exceptions, but write us first to ask.



    Me and my friends would like to join..

    Exercise is good…

    • Sure! Feel free to join our activity group on facebook. It’s called Hiking and Riding in Taipei (got to warn you though, we have not been very active recently because of the weather).

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